Sunday, October 16, 2005

Pleasantly Sloshed!

I’ve had an amazing day, even though I came back with a headache that started towards the end, and also pleasantly sloshed. I wonder if people ever get sloshed if they drink beer in the afternoon nonstop…

I came home after getting sloshed with, get this, vodka lemon with bitters, 4 of ‘em, the fourth of which was bought by a really nice man, no, not that kind of man, I’ll explain later. I feel great that I ventured out on my own. Mind you it wasn’t great to be in a strange, STRANGE place all on your own. It is always good to go out with a fren. But I dun hv any here so I can’t cry over non-existent milk, can I? But when in doubt, always ask some questions and always say hi to the equally on-their-own person at the bar.

Since I had asked the bartender where the owners were and when they would be around, he came by later to specifically tell me that they had arrived and so I thought, who the hell am I to go accosting innocent people who just want to save a small part of the world in their simple way, and I thought, hey, it bears praise anyway, which was part of why I went anyway? So I took myself upstairs and introduced myself and commended the couple on their selfless endeavour and we talked about charity, work, food and etc. I made 4 new friends plus a couple of kids (gorgeous gurls of 4 and 2, and another one on the way apparently!! Woo-hoo!).

They are all actors. Talk about a pool of talent! And really nice, friendly and earthy. I liked the way the father replied to my question about what he wanted his daughter to be when she grows up.



Vodka lemon with bitters is the way to go!!! I had a vodka lime the first drink and when I ordered a second one, the guy heard wrongly and gave me the lemon bitters. Which was really good… really nasty shit… but good shit….

The other 2 were a couple too. Lovely guys. In fact one of the guys bought me the fourth lemon bitters – yum. That was when I knew I was well on the way to getting sloshed. The other guy was a besotted godfather! He was so sweet with the kids. And their dog is so cute!!! They call her ‘Tomato’!!! I only wished I had Cookie’s photo to show them.

Besotted godfather is in the middle of rehearsing for a show starting in Nov and we exchanged numbers so that I can go watch it. It’s at night and in the city and I’ll be having some transportation problems, but that’s okay. At least I get out of the house and go see a play and possibly meet more people!! That’s all that matters. Getting exposed to new things. Meeting people of different cultures who may or may not be doing things the same as you know of back home. Behaviour might be more or less similar but I can tell you that their mentality is what makes it different and unique. And I hope to see what it is that makes them tick.

Let me go and send this guy who I invited to go to this place with me last night but didn’t reply down Guilt Lane… It’s a friend of a friend and I was hoping to meet him. So now he’s online and I’m going to make him feel baaadddddd…………………! Hahahhahahaaaaa…………