Monday, March 28, 2005

Inconsequential questions?

I am finally done with the Business Ethics outline. But I’m still worried about payment. This is the same gurl who was supposed to be working with me on that major course outline project but fell through. That client was so uncertain that she didn’t want to do that project. This client wasn’t willing to pay a half down payment, but only after the work is submitted… I hope she gets the client to pay promptly!

Possible solution: Can I just submit half of the work done first, and submit the last half only when I get paid?

Meanwhile, I got a question.

What has been happening since the last time I stopped medicating the kits. No longer medicating them cos they have taken to reside inside this drain with a small hole. I can’t put my hand in to pull Jack and Ash out unless they come out.

But in any case, I don’t want to make it a habit that they can come anytime and be fed. There will only be trouble later if they expect to be fed.

Also, three toms have been hanging around Babs. I think she’s in heat. Despite the young ages of Jack and Ash!!!

Last night, I saw this tabby tom trying to mate with her. I think he managed to screw her cos she was making all those loud noises.

Today another white and orange tom has been hanging around her and I heard her making those loud noises again in the late evening. I think he was banging her.

Question: Can a queen actually mate with a few toms during her ‘in heat’ period?!

I mean… wouldn’t the eggs be confused? So which sperm fertilises the eggs? The first tom or the second tom? Or do both toms’ sperm fertilise the eggs??

*mind boggled*

I anticipate that when Babs gives birth to the next litter of kittens that she will appear on our doorstep to be fed!!!